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LiveView Vehicle CCTV systems are the perfect mobile CCTV solution. If you want live and recorded CCTV images from moving vehicles these are for you. Ideal for all types of vehicles and moving platforms: buses, trucks, emergency service vehicles, cars, coaches, vans, boats they are of interest to transport hauliers, rail, utility companies, councils, emergency services, construction and commercial organisations. LiveView Vehicle CCTV is cost effective and includes ground-breaking, high-quality video streaming technology over mobile phone, Wi-Fi and satellite networks allowing you to view live and recorded CCTV images on PCs, lap-tops and Smartphones.LiveView Vehicle CCTV

Designed to provide maximum security with high quality, evidential video and bi-directional audio LiveView Vehicle CCTV offers many benefits:

  • Reduced robbery and theft
  • Helps Police to secure convictions
  • Irrefutable evidence in the event of accidents and legal proceedings
  • Reduced fraudulent claims against owners and drivers
  • Supports driver training for safer and improved driving
  • Protects drivers being wrongly accused; “I saw your driver on a mobile phone, no seat belt, abusive behaviour …”
  • Helps companies respond to customer complaints about drivers

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Sytems can be configured to simply record or stream live and recorded video over 3G, 4G and WIFI networks for viewing on PCs, Tablets, iPads, Smartphones and Professional Monitoring Stations.

For live viewing over mobile networks a data contract and SIM are required. Organise these yourselves or we can do it for you.



  Devices for Viewing

We design bespoke systems to meet customer requirement by offering a host of options including multiple cameras (2, 4, 8, 12 and 16 channels), microphones and speakers for audio challenges. Panic buttons, door, contact and motion detection sensors can trigger emails, SMS texts and alerts to notify you, your staff or professional monitoring stations; prompting viewiers to take appropriate action such as give an audio challenge or call the Police.

Shredding Cab

LiveView supply full turnkey systems or cameras, recorders and essential accessories on an equipment-only basis. We also offer systems and equipment on a sale or rental basis.

Many of our systems use SerVision video gateways, renowned for their ability to stream high-quality video over exceptionally low bandwidth. All systems stream live and recorded video, bi-directional audio and can send triggered alerts to Windows based client software, Smartphones, professional monitoring stations and an Enterprise-wide control centre solution for up to 5,000 vehicles and sites.

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Whatever your Vehicle CCTV need you can be sure that LiveView can help.

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